At NUVI LIFE DORAL, rectal ozone insufflations are used as an easy and non invasive treatment that produces a systemic potent therapeutic effect.

Ozone rectal insufflations are completed within minutes and

there have been no adverse effects experienced apart from minor flatulence and bloating post the therapy.

Rectal insufflations are generally tolerated well, even by patients with hyperthyroid but you should be careful and speak with your health practitioner.

The only real contraindication for IV Ozone are:

  1. Hyperthyroid
  2. All cases with Blood Coagulation Failure
  3. Bleeding Organs
  4. Epilepsy, seizures
  5. Thrombocytopenia
  6. Ozone Allergy
  7. Hemorrhagic or Apoplectic Stroke 
  8. Ozone in low concentrations is known to produce a moderate hypo-coagulation effect, so all the drugs decreasing blood coagulation (anticoagulants, aspirin, etc.) are to be discontinued during the course of ozone therapy. In women the treatment course is to be broken up for menstrual periods.


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